TMCC offers a wide variety of educational, spiritual, and youth programming to suit
the needs and interests of our community. To stay up to date on all of our programs,
socials and public events, follow us on Facebook ("Toledo Muslim Community Center").

Imam Abdel-Halim Badr presents a series of Friday khutbahs that highlight the theme of building a compassionate and just Islamic character. He also offers weekly lectures each Friday evening that touch on the topics of morality, ethics, purification of the heart, and raising children. Additionally, there are short talks (khateras) on interpreting the Qur’an after Isha Prayer each night.

Our premier Sunday institution, Iqraa School, has been operating since 2009. The Technical Director of the TMCC Qur’an Institute is Imam Abdel-Halim Badr.

Youth Program: Our dream is to engage Toledo Youth in building a comprehensive Youth Program that inspires them to Live Prophetically. We are confident that together we can design a program that promotes Knowledge, Spirituality, Community, and Service. By cultivating socially conscious art, heightening our spirituality, organizing for social change, and enlightening our minds, we can develop young Women and Men who contribute to the world, are creative, compassionate, and confident in their Islamic Identity and Heritage. Our programs include Youth retreats, Overnights, Qiyams, Tournaments, Youth Committees, & Youth Trips.


As the nation goes into a state of emergency and people react to the uncertainty facing us, it’s hard to know where to turn for solid information, grounded advice, and clear direction. The Family and Youth Institute team has come together to produce this list of vetted articles and resources to help you find your way during this uncertain time. 

From resources for parents on how to talk to your kids about the anxiety and fear they are witnessing around them to du’a and hadith that help focus our concerns towards our Creator – this toolkit is designed with you in mind. 

You’ll find mental health resources written by professionals in the field, tips and tricks for working from home, relationship advice for the closer quarters you may be sharing with your loved ones, and even activities and things to do as a family at home while self-quarantining.

Upcoming and most recent events

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