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Youth director job

Youth Director Job Description


Job Title: Youth Director

Full-time/part-time: Full-time


Position Summary: The Youth Director will be the primary program lead for youth recruitment, cultivation, retention and programming with the support of a volunteer base that is also recruited and maintained by the Youth Director. The Youth Director is responsible for providing youth with a comprehensive and balanced program offering focusing on youth empowerment and leadership, religious education, fellowship, civic engagement, relationship building and overall tarbiya.  


Education and Experience:

●     Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with major coursework in humanities, human services, social sciences or Islamic scholarship

●     Familiarity with issues faced by youth raised in North America

●     Advanced knowledge and understanding of Islam with a commitment to continued learning

●     Previous youth leadership or community organizing experience with diverse groups of youth and young adults

●     Extensive program/project management experience with the ability to develop, implement, and evaluate programming strategically in line with the organization and community

●     Minimum 2 years of experience in youth work, Islamic educational work, or community program development and implementation 

●     Experience planning and executing large scale events, programs, and initiatives

●     Volunteered or worked within the current institution or other known faith-based institutions

●     Excellent public speaking, presentation, verbal and written communication skills

●     Good interpersonal skills and ability to work well with others in a team environment

●     Ability to network with internal and external communities




●     Competitive salary 

●     10 vacation paid days off

●     Continuous training and education expense sponsored. (1k /year)

●     Community Umrah trip if offered by the center

Apply via email to:

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